Welcome to Pre-K!

Hooray! Welcome to a new school year!  We are going to have so many adventures this year.  This was a short week and already we’ve explored many of the materials available in our classroom.  The children are independently choosing activities and participating in short group discussions.  I’ve overheard sharing,



You can have some toast if you want. I’m using that [the toaster], but you can have it when I’m done

witnessed initiative,


A child walked up to me holding the pretend toaster, tipping it forward.  She directed my attention to the pat of wooden butter lodged inside.  We came up with a solution together.



Three children are playing in the construction zone.  One child is using a block as a

hammer.  Another tries to pick it up when the first says, “No, I was using that.”  The first then carefully looks for another, similar block, for the child without one.


Child one accidentally drops a block on child two’s fingers.  Child two says, “Ow” and holds her fingers.  Child one automatically says, “Sorry, are you ok?”

and lots of practicing patience,

A child wants to play in the kitchen, but it is full.  She decides to play at another center while she waits.

Many children wish to speak at the same time during a group discussion.  Even though it is not easy, each tries to find a spot where no one else is talking.  Many give raising their hand a try.

Even though we’ve only had two half-days this week, it’s been a whirlwind of activity and introductions.  Your little one has worked hard to control impulses, remember names, figure out routines, memorize faces, and most of all, have fun.  I’m proud of them all!

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