Let’s paint the ceiling!

Today in Art class, the students learned about the artist Michelangelo and his work. They read a story about his life and how he sculpted a number of very famous pieces that people travel all around the world to see. They also learned about when he painted the Sistine Chapel and how he had to paint laying down on scaffolding as he covered the entire ceiling with beautiful scenes from the heavens. It was great deal of hard work but the result was a masterpiece.

The pre-k got a chance to create some of their own masterpieces just like Michelangelo did so many years ago.

4 thoughts on “Let’s paint the ceiling!

  1. Great post! Do you know the children’s book, “Michelangelo’s Surprise” by Tony Parillo? It’s hard to find a good children’s story about the artist. And, it is good! It is based on a true story, when there was a rare snowstorm in Florence. Michelangelo carves an ice sculpture in front of the Medici Palace. The king even has a pet monkey!

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