Inside or Out?

This week on Forest Four, the Pre-kindergarten hiked to the upper field for a visit to the hoop house.  When we first arrived, the children weren’t exactly sure what to expect.  Mr. Cooper and the kindergarten keep the area quite tidy, hiding away all of the usable tools.  It would be most depressing to find that all of our blocks were carted off by an engineering minded raccoon.

Once we opened the interior shed, all hands found an occupation.

There were digging pits for building our large motor skills and providing opportunities for negotiation and sharing:


One corner boasted a 3D printer designed marble run:


Mrs. Forst was instructing the children in the use of hammers and nails.  No fingers were injured and only one of the nails flew into the grass when Mrs. Forst pulled it out of the wood.  Check out the looks of focus on these faces.

The most visited section was filled with blocks.  There are actually less blocks than we have in our classroom, but the novelty of them must have proven too tempting for the children.  Almost everyone added to the building below.



2 thoughts on “Inside or Out?

  1. How delightful. The looks of intent are just gorgeous. Maybe they gravitated to the blocks because they were familiar and comfortable, or maybe just because they like playing and creating with them!

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