5 thoughts on “The Movie Stars!

    1. Thank you, but we don’t actually perform anything on this night! Our Movie Stars just walk the red carpet and then we all watch our movie together with the families and some popcorn. Then at the end we hand out 3D printed oscars! It’s a fun night!

      1. Sounds like a great night! Watching the movie means the children can see themselves. I’ll have to put that into my plans. And 3D printed oscars? Tell me more about that. Wow!

        1. It all works out great in the end because it takes the pressure of performing off the kids. When the premiere night comes, they can just enjoy the movie they made with their parents!
          As for the oscars, we used to have a past parent make little Oscar cookies for thei awards (which were adorable) but then we were lucky enough to have a parent donate a 3D printer to our school. Since then we’ve been printing the statues. It’s something the students can keep forever, if they want to!

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