Teaching My Friends

A few weeks ago, we noticed that there was an up-swell in a desire to create paper airplanes. Everyday, Katie and I had a gaggle of students requesting help with folding. On the third day, one of our more quiet students set off alone and folded her own airplane. She had not been one of the children requesting assistance. Her design was much more intricate than ours and flew significantly better. Soon, the other children realized her specialty and switched to her for help.

As we commented on her newfound joy of teaching, other students added that they could teach their friends something, too. We went in the most obvious direction and asked them what they would like to teach their friends.

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4 thoughts on “Teaching My Friends

  1. Marie, I love this. The past few months have felt ‘product’ and not child centered. How you observed this child became what you did in the classroom. Emergent curriculum. We’re never too long-term to need to hear these stories. Thank you!!

      1. Why can’t all teachers be like you and share what happens in their classroom on a blog? If you have like minded teachers who follow your blog, let me know!

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