Heave-ho, me hearties!


When the students came back from winter break, they noticed that something new was added to the loft. They spent most of the morning studying the contraption and making guesses about how it could be used. The hook seemed to be the most recognizable part of the tool and it quickly was decided that it had to be an anchor. After some exploration, we sat down with the students to explain that the new tool was called a pulley and it was used for carrying various items from the top of the loft to the bottom and vice versa. The students spent a few minutes learning how to use the tool safely and troubleshooting how we could safely attach the rope to the loft. Then it was time to test it out!


3 thoughts on “Heave-ho, me hearties!

  1. Marie!!! I have the same loft in my classroom and have made pulleys over the years, but they often twisted and were difficult to manipulate. How did you attach it to the ceiling? I need this pulley, so please tell me where you got it. For all you teachers who follow this wonderful blog, pulleys create problem solving opportunities through hands-on real tools. And, they are fun and interesting for children.

    1. I believe it’s called Haba Block and Tackle.
      Someone donated the pulley to our classroom so I’m not sure where you might find it.
      We have a drop ceiling so we were able to push up the panels, attach it to the metal frame, and then replace the panels. Good luck! Our students love creating new games that involve the pulley system!

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