Extending opportunities for schema development

Schemas are a topic that I am particularly interested in. This article extends the discussion Katie started last Spring.

Visibly Engaged

Containing schema in action

sche·ma     /ˈskēmə/

Ever wondered why your child can spend playing in the sand box, putting sand on molds, pouring it out and then doing it again? Or why your child likes carrying one toy and putting in a stroller then transports it around the living room, stopping to put it in one place and then doing the same thing all over again?

In child development practice, schemas are known as patterns of repeatable behaviors.

List of schemas are:

(taken from Dorset County Council)

SchemaDescription of possible behaviours
TransportingA child may carry all the bricks from one place to another in a bag, the sand from the tray to the home corner in a bucket, push a friend around in a toy pram.
EnvelopingA child may cover themselves in a flannel when washing, wrap dolls and toys up in blankets and fabric, cover…

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