Onward and Upward!

082814_4580v2Whoo! We did it. We made it through the first two days of school.  The children were all patient and polite while we spent the first two days introducing them to the basics of room and materials management.  Yesterday we were all a about blocks and the kitchen.  Today, the loft was the MVP (most valuable plaything).

Outside, there was quite a gathering at the sandbox following its introduction yesterday.  You might have also noticed that your child came home with an extra quart of sand in his or her shoes.  We also learned how to walk “the circuit”, climb on rocks, swing on the swings and hang on the low monkey bars.

The students have been having lots of fun and we’re learning many, many routines that will help the days run smoothly.  By 11:30, all of the children look ready for a nap.  Next Monday we will begin our regular schedule.  Please expect your child to be tired and possibly irritable for the first few days to weeks of school.  Beginning new routines and meeting new friends is much more stressful than we usually credit.  Patience, love, and consistency will get your child through this exciting time.

If your child is buying a school lunch next week, please remember to fill out and submit the online lunch order form by Sunday night.

If you plan on picking up your child in car line at the 2:30 0r 3:15 dismissal, please remain inside your car and we will bring your child to you. If your child needs help buckling please pull into a parking space or forward to the front of the campus center to get out of the car and assist. This helps our line move quickly and smoothly.

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