Drawing Spring Nigh

The warmer weather has finally arrived.  Last week, I was attempting to lure the warm front out direction through the power of suggestion.  After a very cold weekend camping in the snow with my family, I bought some potted flowers for our classroom.  I think the sight of their vibrant color gave me the illusion of warmth.  In all honesty, I just wanted a little bit of proof that Spring had truly arrived.040215_9581

For the next few days, our room had a heavenly smell. Luckily, none of the children presented any symptoms of allergies. They took delight in noticing the small changes within the flowers each day.  A few children took it upon themselves to draw the flowers.  Some began drawing and then drifted away  to find a new focus.  At least two students sat and drew variations on the same flower for over 30 minutes.

Now, as the weather finally warms up and our class flowers begin wilting, we look forward to finding native flowers along our Northbound Trail and within our fields.

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