Winter is coming!

With the chilly weather upon us, we are sending home any “warm-weather” clothes from the students’ extra clothes boxes. We are asking to please return a set of “winter” clothes to replace them. We are also asking that all students bring in the following items so that they may stay warm and toasty during our daily trips into the outdoors!


*Waterproof Mittens

*Snow Boots

*Winter Coat

When the weather is cold enough for snow, all children will also need a pair of snow pants. We do recommend the use of snow bibs as they provide better coverage. Rain boots will be sent home as warm boots are sent in.

Thank you!022514_2988

2 thoughts on “Winter is coming!

  1. Katie and Marie, have you ever sent your families a ‘mittens vs. gloves’ newsletter? I have to do this each year. Ten fingers that they cannot fit into ten holes, multiplied by fifteen children, etc. Mittens, mittens, mittens!

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