From Themes to Play-based Emergent Curriculum – Where to Begin?

An excellent description of our process!

Technology Rich Inquiry Based Research

Louise and I have often discussed the point of entry for teachers who want to transform their practice, moving away from a theme-based approach to emergent curriculum, which builds on children’s authentic interests. After spending five days in the forest we have come to the realization that the outdoor environment is not just the third teacher, it is the ultimate teacher. We are committed to working towards encouraging others to embrace emergent curriculum within the great outdoors, in part because outside, children become more relaxed and confident. According to Waite (2011), who refers to Malaguzzi’s quote in Edwards, Forman and Gandini, children need time to “catch their breath” (p. 80) and this time is an intrinsic part of being outside, “where they become more relaxed and confident”. Children’s natural “synergy with the outdoors enables them to follow their ideas and interests in a different way” (p. 79).

how to capture bugs

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