Warm Snow

imageYou know that fake snow you see at the dollar store? We decided to buy a large tin and try it out in our sensory tub.  The children tested it first to see how the material feels prior to adding the water.  Each child had the opportunity to feel the texture. They described it as feeling like sugar or salt, soft, rough, hard, warm and bumpy.

imageNext, we added water a little bit at a time.  With each pour, the small “snow pellets” swelled and absorbed all of the liquid.  Our directions were for using only two teaspoons of mixture at a time with two ounces of water.  Since we wanted to use the entire container, we experimented with the amount of water needed.  We kept adding water.  The mixture continued to expand.  We added more water.  It still grew.  One and a half gallons of water later, we have at least 50 times the snow we began with.

Tomorrow, everyone will have a chance to play with the new “snow.” We’ll keep you updated on their observations.