Winter Performance Update

Students look forward to enticing your appetite for music and dance at this year’s winter performance entitled “Winter Buffet.”  Be our guest as we go Over the River to taste Grandma’s Chicken Soup. Get your taste buds prepared for a Baked Potato, Gingerbread Jazz, and Peppermint Twist. Get ready for a cookie baking song! We might warm you up with a dance about hot chocolate or you might hear about a Fruitcake that we just can’t seem to get rid of!  For the performance, please note the following dress attire:

  • Pre-K and K should wear dress clothes and soft soled shoes.
  • First grade – Fifth grade should wear tan uniform pants, white collared uniform shirt and soft soled shoes.
  • Fourth Grade should wear fun hats for a funky dance (they can be knit or hip hop).
  • All other costumes will be provided.

We will have additional parking at Hartwood Acres.

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