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With new supplies come the greatest resources of all….Big Boxes!  Add these to the incredibly creative minds of the very young, and you have an adventure unfolding before you.

2013Sep18_1080These boxes began their life in Pre-K as a series of individual rocket ships complete with steering wheels, viewing portals, and a myriad of buttons.  Today, our young architects transformed them into a large, multi-tiered house.  After some discussion regarding the best material for connecting the boxes, we choose Super Tape (secretly known as duct tape.)



2013Sep18_1094The taping took some experimentation. Decisions had to be made about where the tape was mostly likely going to hold pieces together, how many pieces of tape might be required, and what to do if the tape rolled up on itself.

Negotiations also had to be made with others who were building.  Frequent confusion over box “ownership” led to productive discussions regarding sharing, community materials, and turn-taking.

Wonder what the construction will morph into tomorrow?

Author: Marie Forst

Growing and learning through an interest driven, emergent curriculum in an idyllic landscape. Welcome to the North Hills Campus @ WT where learning transcends the walls.

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