Routines and Procedures

With so very many routines and procedures to cover these first few weeks, it would be difficult to show them all.  However, here are a few to give you an idea of what the children are practicing.  Once we have all of the “how to, when to, what to” patterns in place we can really dig into some research projects.

Speaking of digging….

Learning how to use a shovel safely. Keep the point down below your knees. Scoop and dump. Only dig in the digging pits.
Using scissors safely. Keep your thumb up when you cut. Use your other hand to turn the paper. Clean up your scraps.
Playing safely on the circuit. Walking, climbing, crawling. Wear your closed shoes.

We have also learned the routines for:

  • Lining up
  • Walking in a line
  • Signing in
  • What to do when you hear the chime ring (freeze)
  • Listening with our eyes, ears, mouths, and bodies
  • Putting toys away in the proper place
  • Cleaning up when we are done with an activity
  • Putting away our backpacks and lunch bags when we arrive in the morning
  • Doing the Morning Message
  • Choosing a center to play in
  • Putting away art materials safely and neatly
  • What to say when you accidentally hurt someone
  • How to ask to be excused from the lunch table
  • Getting ready for rest
  • How to sit in a circle for a meeting
  • Where you can climb at recess
  • How to use the fire pole on the playground
  • How to use the slide at school
  • How to use the swing
  • What to do if you want a turn on the swings
  • Putting on smocks in art class

There are so many small things that we focus on in the beginning.  It might seem a bit daunting, yet with each activity modeled and practiced, the children gain the independence needed to make the room a comfortable place for all.

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