Second draft…

By the time February rolled around, our story had changed quite a bit and many of the students created completely new characters. As you can see in this version, the story is starting to become more like one story with several characters.


Version #2 Feb. 8, 2013

(Updated Feb. 19, 2013)



J– A cat

Ca, Ra, and K – mice

Sa – Ariel

A and O – giants

El – a talking sandwich

Ev and Re – dogs

Cl – an old grandpa/the owner

So – the mom


Once upon a time…

This kitty (J.) went to his owner (Cl.) and his owner started to say “the kitty can’t leave” but he did and the kitty ran away and they never found it again.

And then the grandpa (Cl.) came and tried to find the cat, but still couldn’t.

The dog (Ev.) goes to find the cat. And he finds the cat. And the cat chases the dog and the dog runs away.

The cat falls asleep.

And then the owner came and put a leash on the cat and he takes the cat home.



The mice (K, Ra, and Ca) are in their hole.

Two dogs (Ev. and Re.) chase the mice. And the mice chase the dogs too.

And then they become friends. And then they all go home.

Ariel (Sa.) comes and picks up the dogs and they go in the castle.

Ariel goes and gets her mice and she takes them to her dog and feeds the dog her mice.

The grumpy old man (Cl.) takes the other dog home.

Ariel says, “Where’s my dog?”



The giants comes. And the first giant (A.) says, “BOOM” and the other giant (O.) says, “Go away!” to the princess (Sa.) and she runs away.

And the mom (So.) says, “Time to come home boys” and they go home and eat their food.

The giants were about to eat the sandwich (El.) and the sandwich said, “DON’T EAT ME!”  and the giant (O.) said, “Let’s be friends”.

The sandwich says, “Alright, let’s go back to my house.”

And they all go back to the sandwich’s house.


The End.

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