Interview with an Expert

Yesterday, our class was delighted to host a “Q and A” session with our very own horse expert! The students were able to see and touch several different types of grooming tools including a mane and tail brush, a rubber curry that helps to remove mud/dirt, a bristle brush, and a hoof pick. The students were amazed that it took so many different items to keep horses clean!

We also looked at a real saddle, saddle pad, and bridle. These were items that many of the students recognized right away, but were a little unsure of exactly why they needed. The students learned how a saddle is put on a horse and how the bridle and reigns are used to lead the horse.

Once everyone had a good understanding of each item, we listened to the story Noni the Pony written and illustrated by Alison Lester. The students quickly picked up on the rhyming couplets and the simple cadence of the story.

At the conclusion of the story, the students had the opportunity to ask their burning questions about horses and their equipment. We learned that horses can drink a whole bucket of water in a single day and they sleep standing up. We also learned that a boy horse is called a colt and a girl horse is called a filly but all baby horses are called foals.

We are so thankful for our special visitor and for sharing all his expert knowledge on horses and the equipment they use!

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