One to One Correspondence


In Pre-K, we practice math skills on a daily basis. This could include anything from building with blocks, sorting buttons or sea shells, or playing strategy games such as checkers. Last week, we spent some time working on one to one correspondence or the ability to match one number to one item.

The students were given a game board with a picture of one astronaut in each square. They then were asked to roll a die and count the number of dots that appeared on the top. Using that number, the students placed a bingo dot on the correct number of astronauts while remembering that each astronaut can only have one dot. On their next turn, the students moved down a row and completed the same task. Once each row on their board was used, the students were asked which row had the most/least amount of dots.

Practicing one to one correspondence helps children solidify their ability to count a group of items. Each object must be matched with just one number. It is important that the student takes their time while touching/counting each object or they may end up with the incorrect number. This skill takes time and practice, but once it is mastered, the child can move on to more difficult math skills.