Teachable Moment


We here at WTN will use any excuse to write.  Truly.  Yesterday, I was working with a child in the art center when she spotted one of our favorite (read the sarcasm) six legged friends perched upon the Sharpie basket.  Yes, a lovely stink bug was keeping watch on the happenings of Pre-K.  I suggested that he must wish to learn how to write his name since his chosen hang out was a marker container.  The student I was with agreed.  We worked together to gently place the tutor-able bug gently upon the end of the child’s pen.  We wanted to be sure that he stayed stink-free and calm.  

Then, with our six-legged pupil riding in the saddle, she began to write his name.  She sounded out the words and wrote “Stbg”.  After completing this task, with the bug still patiently posted on  the pen, the child decided that he needed an additional name, as well.  She dubbed him “Bob” and added it to the page.

As you can see, we attempted to photograph this encounter with an insectoid student.  However, this is the only photo we were able to capture before he flew off into the wide world.  Perhaps he’s gone to tell others of his tale, “How Bob Got His Name.”  Hopefully he’s not spreading the word that we are giving out free writing lessons to all creepy, crawly citizens.

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