Fine Motor Fidgeting

Writing doesn’t always have to be done with tools.  Sometimes, it’s just as much fun to write using only your finger.  You don’t have to worry about grip or angle.  You have a greater control over the amount of pressure you are applying since you can feel it directly.

Sometimes, classes use shaving cream spread on a table for writing exploration. We opted for a slightly less messy alternative.  We put a dollop of simple tempera paint inside a large freezer bag  and then double sealed it with duct tape.  When you apply a small amount of pressure, the paint pushes aside so you can see what shape or line you have drawn.  We made four of these.  So far, we’ve only sprung leaks in two, due to their popularity, so I guess a 50% success rate will have to do.  Maybe next time, we’ll double bag.

One thought on “Fine Motor Fidgeting

  1. Thank you for this post! Now I understand what Caitlyn’s been trying to tell me about the paint. You and Mrs. Pless are great inventors!

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