The Treasure Hunt

“Let’s have a treasure hunt!” whispered one of our students on the first day back after break.  It took us 24 hours, but we pulled one together.  Since we’ve been reading versions of The Gingerbread Man, we did the obvious thing and made cookies.  As you can tell from the slideshow below, our cookies jumped out of the oven and ran away before we could retrieve them.  Luckily, they left us clues pertaining to their location.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The two slides at the end depict a couple of story maps created by the students to retell our adventure.  Earlier in the morning, we made a story map to help us recall the original tale (with the addition of a random unicorn).  By using a “road” or line to lead the reader and author along a path of events, our memories quickly pick up the flow of the story.

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