Bag of Goodies

I’m not sure how this happened, but it appears that it is the last day of school.  This has been such a magical year and I am truly going to miss this group of children.  Each class has its own unique personality and this one has shared a love of fairies, magic, imagination, and invention with everyone they met.  They have thrived on challenges and treated each other with kindness and caring.  Though I’d rather not see them go, I know that they are ready to move along on their journey.

With the end of the year comes the plethora of “stuff” we’ve collected.  Your child will be bringing home a bag with their rest mats and blankets, if they have one here.  These now belong to them and can be used as you wish.  The art work in the room is coming down and will also be among their belongings today.

Highlighting each child’s year here at WTN, their completed portfolios will be in their backpacks.  Inside, please find two DVDs.  One contains a couple of videos from the year and can be played on your regular DVD player.  The other is labeled as “Data Files” and holds all of the raw picture and video files of your child from the year.  All pictures are named using the date they were downloaded from the camera.  For this reason, if you see a picture in your portfolio that you’d like to send to Grandma, simply note the month section that it is in and look on the disk for the corresponding month’s images.  Hopefully, this should make the process of finding a particular photo quick and painless.

I wish you all much joy and silliness this summer.  Roll with the downfalls and remember that mistakes are simply experiments with unwanted results.  Each of us simply learns from the outcomes, good and not-so-good, and keeps moving forward.  How we react to that which surrounds us and how we expect our children to react makes all of the difference in our perception of life.  This group of children loves every moment of their life and shows it in their twinkling eyes and unquenchable love of a good story.

Most importantly, remember:

Childhood is short.  Play long.

One thought on “Bag of Goodies

  1. Thank you SO much for painstakingly preparing the photos/videos/albums/CD’s, etc. I know we will treasure these memories in tangible form for years to come. Thank you for a wonderful, magical year – you are the best teacher EVER!

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