Garden Work

Looking at our garden mural last week, the children realized we were still missing some important elements that we had included on our plan.  We were in need of both grass and clouds.  Two groups chose to focus on each of these problems.  They were told that they could use any of our art materials for the task, but they had to create their own design.

The cloud group chose to use paper from the “fancy scrap paper” basket and a container of cotton balls.  Two of the group chose to make 3D clouds by cutting and folding paper into a shape that pleased them.  They then used tape to secure the shape.  I was impressed that their first attempt did not include a flat, two-dimensional version.  The third member of the cloud team re-created a sky on a new piece of paper and then carefully glued on cotton balls in three straight lines.

The grass team chose a completely different material for their project.  While digging through our supplies, they came across an old, green, flannel scarf.  They decided that it would be perfect for grass.  After carrying it over to the mural, they realized that it was too long.  Without any prompting from me, one of the students yelled, “We need to measure it!”  I asked the group how they could measure the scarf and the mural.  Another child remembered that one of our dramatic play area baskets held a toy measuring tape.  Two children stretched out the tape while one looked at the numbers.  Working together, they decided on an appropriate place to cut the scarf.  Then, they had to figure out how to attach their grass to the mural.  Their first suggestion was staples, but I nixed that idea since I”m hoping that we’ll be able to move our mural for the Very Hungry Caterpillar play on May 20th.  Eventually, they decided that tape was the best solution.  Around 40 pieces of tape later, we had some very lovely grass on our mural.