Pittsburgh History and Morning Meetings

Our Morning Meeting yesterday was sponsored by the third grade.  Every year, they complete an in-depth study of Pittsburgh.  They learn about its architecture, its history, and many of its famous musicians, artists, and innovators.  For instance, Mrs. Martin’s class studied photographer Teenie Harris in conjunction with other students and City as Our Campus.  The third grade students then tried taking photographs in the same style while touring the city.

One of the connections they made during this year’s Pittsburgh Project was that our local Major League baseball team, The Pittsburgh Pirates, will be turning 125 years old this year.  This is especially exciting because Winchester Thurston will also be hitting the 125 year mark soon.  Once this connection was made, Mrs. Martin realized that we had another link with the Pirates.  Our very own Mrs. Neverett, the Pre-K assistant teacher, is married to Tim Neverett, one of the franchise’s sportscasters.

We could certainly not pass up the opportunity to share Mr. Neverett’s experience with the rest of our school.  Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Neverett coordinated the special assembly featuring Tim and another special guest.  The topic of the day was “critical thinking” and always trying your best, no matter how many mistakes [read: opportunities for learning] you make.  After a short presentation discussing the history of the Pirates in Pittsburgh, Mr. Neverett passed our Pirates hats for all of the WT students.  Then, he introduced his guest:

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As you can see, it helps to know the Neverett’s personally.  The children were certainly happy to have their pictures taken with the incredibly silly Pirate Parrot.

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