Party of Love

Our Valentine’s Day party yesterday was a big hit! A special thanks goes out to our Room Parents for organizing and preparing this event.  The children were geared up to pass out their valentine cards as soon as they arrived in the morning.  We had a few finishing touches we needed to attend to first.

A couple of students still needed to make their valentines bags.

Some of the children were completing their family gifts.

A few were finishing their “Who Do You Love?” books.

Many were trying their hand at sewing for the very first time.

Then finally, at rest, the children were able to take turns placing valentines in all of their friends bags.  Each child read the names by themselves and found the correct bag to place the card in.

Rest time was followed by the much-anticipated PARTY!!!  The children ate yummy strawberries and cute turkey and cheese sandwiches shaped like hearts.  They also played with an amazing puzzle book made by the Room Parents.  Every child was given one of these books to bring home.  If you haven’t yet played with it yourself, make some time tonight to look at it with your child.

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