On Mothers

Mothers always try their best.  They sometimes are patient and angelic as they’d always like to be.  Other times they make mistakes or say something they wish they could take back.  They love their children unconditionally and are sometimes unsure of whether or not they themselves deserve that love in return.

Mothers spend countless hours of their lives worrying over the little and large details of their children’s lives.  They want to give their children everything, but try to find some way to temper that with giving them what they actually need.  Some mothers sing to their children.  Some mothers tell stories with gusto.  Some play sports with their children.  Some spend all of their time working so that they may provide for their children’s’ basic needs.  All of these mothers worry whether they have done enough.

I wish to set your mind at peace.  You have.  You have done exactly what needed to be done at the time that we needed it.  Your mistakes made us stronger.  Your rules made us better.  Your love made us accepting of the world around us.  No matter who I am, you made a huge impression on my person.  The world that I know now is forged within the scaffold that I built while learning from you.

You didn’t just give me life, you gave me THIS life.  Thank you.

Sheila Marie Brown 1949-2010

5 thoughts on “On Mothers

  1. Marie,
    that was so beautiful. Well said. I have tears in my eyes. Thanks for being who you are and for being like a mother to our children while they are in your care. xo

  2. Beautiful words for a beautiful mother from a beautiful daughter. We were blessed by her presence and nothing can ever take that away.

  3. Lovely, Marie! Your mom was a terrific woman who raised two beautiful, strong girls–and also found extra to care for some of their friends. She gave both of you big hearts, big worlds. I’m so very glad you reached out to me so I could send a note to your dad. I love your whole family, you know, far away as I am. Let’s try to keep in touch a little closer. Hearts & hugs, –Isadora (dori)

  4. Marie, that is beautiful. My heart aches for you as you begin this chapter of your life. I miss my Mom every day and sometimes it feels like a BIG part of me died with her. But as each days passes a little piece of me comes back. The road ahead will not be easy sometimes but take comfort in the fact that she taught you well and the biggest gift (tribute) you can give her is to carry on her lessons of love and kindness to those 3 precious little boys.

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