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Mahalo, Friends!


Every year during this season, I teach the children one of my favorite Laurie Berkner songs, “Mahalo”.  If you haven’t heard it, swing by iTunes and pick out the tune so you can sing along.

I am thankful that I have such wonderfully caring families and co-workers.  My students love to sing, dance, learn, and grow.  I give thanks for the journey that has brought me here, thus far.  Life at WTN is exactly what I’ve always wanted teaching and learning to be; joyful, exciting, inspiring, and centered on the needs of each individual child.

Author: Marie Forst

Growing and learning through an interest driven, emergent curriculum in an idyllic landscape. Welcome to the North Hills Campus @ WT where learning transcends the walls.

2 thoughts on “Mahalo, Friends!

  1. Laurie Berkner is coming to Pittsburgh in January. We can’t wait to go!

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