Easeful and Joyful Parenting and Partnering – Speaker

Parents Association Speaker Series
Thursday, November 4 from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.
North Hills Campus Library

“Easeful and Joyful Parenting amd Partnering: Neither Punitive nor Permissive”
Speaker: Jana Clay, M.Ed
Parent, Gymboree Owner, Parenting Life Coach

  • Are you frustrated by power struggles with your children?
  • Do you think of parenting as a win-lose situation—or worse, a lose-lose situation?
  • Would you like cooperation from your children without nagging, cajoling, bribing, and threatening?
  • Are you wanting a sense of connection and unity in your home?

Join parenting expert Jana Clay in this special 90-minute presentation. A parent, Gymboree owner, and parenting life coach, Clay is a dynamic and compassionate speaker. She will give you the grounding, tools, and encouragement to transform your parenting and home into an atmosphere of ease and joy.

This presentation is beneficial to all WT parents. Clay’s tips will help you get your Lower Schooler to bed, your Middle Schooler to do homework, and your Upper Schooler to come home on time—without resorting to nagging, threats, or bribes!

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