Sparkly Spiders

We’ve been spending a lot of time learning about spiders the past few weeks.  We learned that not all spiders make webs.  We found out that spiders have two body parts, a head and an abdomen, and that they always have eight legs.  We’ve classified some of the creepy crawlies we’ve found outside based on these rules and were surprised to find that some creatures we thought were spiders, really weren’t at all.

Creating a spider to demonstrate our new knowledge of arachnid anatomy was an obvious next step.  Each child decided how many legs to include and how to represent the main body parts.  With this in mind, the children were very focused on creating eight legs and distributing them evenly.  The glitter, however, was Mrs. Forst’s idea and obviously has no place in true spider body structure.  But who can pass up a chance to use sparkly glitter?

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