Pre-K Writing

Writing in Pre-K takes on many forms.  Children write using pictures, scribbles, letter-like approximations,  random letter strings and letters to represent the sounds that they hear in words.  Sometimes they even write words that they know the adult spelling for, such as Mom.  Each child is working at his or her own level and moving forward as they gain experience and expand their perspective.   Our class design provides opportunities to write for purposeful reasons.  Last week, we began making signs for things found in the classroom.  Children chose to make labels for the trash can, the dramatic play center, the blocks, and even a pen container.  In the picture above, a child is writing a story in a pre-stapled book.  He chose this activity on his own and has devised his own narrative to accompany the illustrations.  As the year progresses, I will encourage the children to share these stories with their classmates.

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