Our Intro to Yoga

We had a really neat opportunity yesterday.  Our class was invited to join the 2nd grade for a yoga lesson with Mrs. Ruiz.  Although we didn’t stay for entire class, we did learn many poses including The Warrior, The Dog, The Cat, a Sun Salutation, and The Camel.  We also practiced The Lotus position, but Mrs. Forst had a really difficult time with that one!  The children seemed to like The Warrior pose the most.  They thought it looked more like a surfer.  Ask them to show it to you!

If you are interested, here are some links related to yoga for children:

Yoga for Kids – An article discussing the benefits of yoga for children found  in Yoga Journal

My First Yoga – A YouTube video demonstrating a classroom yoga lesson for young children

Yoga for Kids Video – Another video demonstrating a few poses for children

Yoga for Children Part 1 – Part of the Johnson + Johnson Health Channel: A discussion of the rise in popularity of yoga for children

Yoga for Children Part 2

Do you have any great resources to share?

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